The Internet sector provides 6% of US GDP, according to a study

The Internet sector provides 6% of US GDP, according to a study

The economic impact of the Internet sector has doubled since 2007, now providing 6% of gross domestic product (GDP) of the United States, according to a study presented Thursday.

The internet sector has weighed some 966 billion dollars in 2014 and employed nearly three million people that year, according to the study presented by the organization Internet Association, which includes giants such as Facebook and Amazon among its members. “Internet often gives the feeling of being ‘everywhere and nowhere’ but in fact the number of jobs in the sector has doubled its contribution to real GDP has more than doubled and employee salaries far exceed the national average “said Michael Beckerman, president of the professional association. The segment “has more to GDP in 2012 brought a number of important sectors, including construction, manufacturing of electronic and computer products, sectors of the audiovisual and telecommunications and hostelries and catering services” , according to the study prepared by the consulting firm Economists Incorporated. An employee of the Internet industry earns an average of 79,184 dollars a year, well above the annual average in the United States, 61 547 dollars. Some 299 million people, or 92% of the US population, use the Internet, the study said. Internet Association brings together fifty sector companies, including Google, Twitter, Yahoo !, Airbnb or Expedia.

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