Messenger and WhatsApp process 60 billion messages per day


Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are enormous. Probably not exactly new though. WhatsApp has noticeably billion, while Facebook Messenger active users has crossed the tray 900 million active user (but is likely to be a lot of overlap in the fundamentals of the user). Now, Facebook announced the number of messages of the service process, and the number is so huge.

At yesterday’s annual developer conference F8, Zuckerberg said Facebook activity and combined WhatsApp Messenger is now 60 billion messages per day. By way of comparison, all SMS messages sent worldwide is only 20 billion per day. Although we do not know how accurate the statistic of SMS is that the same figure who has roundsĀ in January 2015 when WhatsApp announced that it handles 30 billion messages per day. While it is possible that the use of SMS has not increased since then, it seems unlikely.

However, this also leads to a question about the Messenger and WhatsApp statistics. WhatsApp has added more than 300 million active users since the announcement that processes 30 billion messages per day by itself and Facebook Messenger has added more than 200 million users from the conference F8 last year (overlap again, is not likely in these figures). So either Messenger does not add to the whole message or the levels of these “active users” of the activity was flattened much.

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