Why it is now recommended to uninstall QuickTime for Windows


The QuickTime multimedia software developed by Apple and marketed in 1991, was also ported to Windows since 1992, to speed up its democratization on the Microsoft OS. Still, Apple has decided for a long time that this decision was no longer valid.

End of QuickTime support on Microsoft, it is better remove all

For users of QuickTime, you had probably noted, it is no longer available for quite some time now and was not even present on Windows 8. Apple decided to stop support for Microsoft and no longer provide updates. The big worry is that before making this decision, the Cupertino company has not completely cleans.

Better to uninstall QuickTime on Windows …

There are two very important and critical vulnerabilities exploitable, namely ZDI-16-241 and ZDI-16-242. This is TrendMicro, the specialist in computer security which brought up this important information. These two big vulnerabilities allow hackers could remotely execute code and thus take control of a PC.

The US administration has decided to react and warn all users, unveiling their new time information to avoid massive attacks. The Department of Defense of the United States explained that these flaws can compromise “the confidentiality, integrity and access to its data, but also damage system resources and professional content.” Given that Apple itself has indicated no longer provide updates, the Department of Defense recommends to simply uninstall QuickTime.

The Cupertino offers the uninstall process, this support page . If you were a regular QuickTime in Windows, we have to find another solution, but there is no doubt that you will quickly find, since there are hundreds of such software on the web.

To avoid confusion and panic among users, however we would like to note that these faults are not present on the OS X version, and obviously Apple will continue to provide updates for its home media software.

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