The first tablet “100% Google” has a strange magnetic keyboard: we have already tried the pixel C

The first tablet "100% Google" has a strange magnetic keyboard: we have already tried the pixel C

Google has waited a long time to produce its own material. And did well: the Pixel C no failure suffers from the fact that the tablet and keyboard / protection are sold separately, at fairly high prices (especially for the keyboard). Count 668 € for the tablet and keyboard transforming the working tool. RTL info was able to test this property premiere beautiful object …

A little surprise came to writing RTL info, in early December: the first official Google tablet, called Pixel C.

Warning: this is not a new Nexus, this range of smartphones and tablets entrusted to third-party manufacturers (LG, Samsung, HTC, Huawei and Motorola), whom Google imposes a set of very strict specifications.

The pixel C is “100% designed and made by Google”, explains the press release. Its origin – and thus the change of strategy Google – would be looking into “an opportunity to rethink internal experience [production equipment].”

It is also the first tablet with Android 6.0, the latest version of the mobile operating system from Google used by the overwhelming majority of smartphones and tablets.

An excellent finish

Whether in look, finish, materials and ergonomics, the first true mobile device “100% Google” is a success.

We love the slightly reduced A4 (24 x 18 x 0.7 cm), exclusively aluminum hulls (including the keyboard) and the high quality of the screen (10.2 “to 2560 x 1800 pixels, c is much better than the competition), very bright and with a good contrast ratio.

The assembly rotates very quickly thanks to the most powerful mobile chip the tablet market, the NVIDIA Tegra X1, supported by 3 GB of RAM.

There are no less than 4 microphones on the upper edge and 2 stereo speakers on the sides, enabling high performance video conferencing calls (we tried). Note also a large external status bar that lights up from time to time, especially given the state of the battery.

An effort could have been made on the camera (8 MP rear, 2MP front): like most tablets, it is very average, but still usable.

As for the battery, it promises 10 hours of use (number of Google).

Finally, note that the pixel C is the big step of the USB Type-C, a new port that should be generalized in 2016, and has the distinction of being reversible (useful for connecting and charging).


A magnetic keyboard great but … sold separately

As Microsoft and its Surface, the tablet Google Book C Pixel its potential being used with the proper keyboard … sold separately. Add € 169 to the addition of salt already € 499 for the tablet with 32GB of internal memory (no microSD port).

The current trend is indeed to make the tablets more “productive” and therefore capable of performing traditional office tasks (word processing, etc.).

The iPad Pro, like Microsoft Surface, are indicative of this trend. Google followed suit with a homemade solution that is strong on high-end (we saw with finishing and souped) but also that of originality.

Indeed, the rigid key, which serves as screen protection when transporting the tablet, several secrets. First, it is magnetized and “glue” correctly trendy shelf ‘protection’. Then it works wirelessly: no port to clip as soon as it is connected, it is recognized by the tablet. To recharge it (because it needs a little energy to transmit information to the tablet) is also wireless: the tablet the ‘load’ by induction, when both parties are magnetized. Finally, and this is probably the most spectacular option, a magnetized ends of the keyboard stand is adjustable to securely hold the tablet and provide optimal convenience (you can choose the best angle to the screen) .



Google does not remain stuck to his guns. As Microsoft (who sells his area for some years) and Apple (who released an iPad Pro), it intends to offer its huge customer a solution “house” oriented productivity, namely a set shelf / high-end keyboard .

The Pixel C, first tablet “100% Google”, is a success in terms of finishing and very premium look. This is one of the most opulent Android tablets of the moment – although Samsung Tab S2 is very elegant. The keyboard is not rest, who can both turn it into a working tool, and protect it during transport.

Well equipped inside, this is the most powerful tablet this year end 2015. It turns extremely smoothly Android 6.0 operating system resulted very pleasant to use. Feel free to test the latest games, you will not be disappointed.

There are two caveats, however: the concept of working tool is quite relative when talking of Android tablet. No mouse pointer and without, most applications (often ‘general public’) must be content with touch controls that does not always facilitate the task: one must pass the screen keyboard ever to press a button, No ‘are almost never hotkey … No problem, however, if we limit ourselves to the Office suite (Word, Exel, etc.) or Google tools (Docs and Sheets), with a few habits to change, when you want to select text for example.

The other criticism we can make the pixels C and its keyboard is that they are sold separately, so that the accessory is revealed soon indispensable. Minimum € 499 for the tablet (32 GB non expandable storage) and € 169 for the keyboard. We reach € 668 is the price of a fairly powerful laptop with Windows (but also quite heavy and bulky).

Prices are relatively similar to those of Microsoft Surface 3 (the version of 2014, therefore) and Apple iPad Air. You choose the OS that suits you the most.


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