Windows 10 passed by 270 million users


Microsoft  has announced that 270 million users using Windows 10.

Less than a year after its debut, Windows 10 is apparently on the basis of success. Despite many critics pointing to a Microsoft download force, or an OS not quite finished, Windows 10 was installed on 270 million computers. In his lecture Build in San Francisco, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 was “the version of Windows the most growing for both consumers and businesses.”

This news is a major step for the American publisher, after Windows 8 considered a big failure. In February, Windows 10 was offered the luxury to pass Windows 8, and Windows XP in terms of users.

Windows 10 helped by the black friday

With 14 million updates in just 24 hours, Windows 10 confirmed the expectations placed on him. An ascent that was greatly accelerated after Black Friday in November, or 4% of Windows 10 software was activated. In January, Microsoft announced that 200 million users had Windows 10.

A free update for Windows 10 in summer

Also on the occasion of the Build, Microsoft announced the free update called Windows Anniversary Update, which will serve to generalize Hello biometric authentication in the Edge browser. Windows Ink may also be used, an electronic ink system, which allows to write notes, highlight text, draw pictures, all with the help of a stylus. This update will also be applied on Xbox One , which will benefit from universal applications.

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