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Steeped in the Mediterranean mussel, Albania has experienced radiation of all major riverine civilizations: Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, and first of all, the Illyrians, direct ancestors of the Albanians. All fought for control of this strategic land, all have left their mark on the coasts as the heart of the country: Albania is full of archaeological treasures.
The rugged nature of the area has long been in the bastion of all resistance. The bravest of all, Skanderbeg, hero of the struggle against the Turks, are moored his nationalist faith. Men have learned to live in isolation, according to the rigor of the Kanun , the code of honor that led to so many vendettas.
Albania stands a natural border between the East and the heart of the European continent. The bear and the wolf, jackal and lynx still live there.
Albania has only 20% of arable land, gathered on the coastal plain open to the Adriatic, while the south of the Ionian Sea. The coastline leans in several places in vast lakes. That of Shkodra, shared with Montenegro, is the largest in the Balkans. South to Saranda, Albania Riviera has not usurped his name, as the beaches are beautiful.
Last frontier of Europe, the country, pristine tourist development, finally draws attention thanks to its sunny coast, its natural and cultural riches.

Albanians are not really big supporters of sports … They have won a medal at the Olympics since the beginning of the country’s participation in the tests! There is little that we could see weightlifting Albanians during the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

Albanians are big fans of football . Clubs shqip do not make miracles, but that does not stop the enthusiasm. Once a year, the Albanians go wild for the national championship bolas . The principle is the same as throwing horseshoe: the game is to take on one of three bars of an espalier of “bolas” consist of two balls connected by a cord. The origins probably date back to a Spanish weapon, with two balls and without the tips.

Sea Side


If beaches of the north and center of the country, quite concrete, have nothing exceptional (especially to Durres), those in the south, more typically Mediterranean, often with their beautiful coves and turquoise waters hints. The temperature is cool spring, but climbs to 20 ° C in June and early July to best achieve 25 ° C at the end of the summer.


Those who have thought to bring a mask and snorkel to dive will benefit Albania and watch the money, well preserved in the region. Vlora Bay also seems worth exploring for divers. It includes the wreck of an Italian hospital ship of the Second World War by 20 m deep. The sites on the edge of the Karaburun Peninsula and Sazan around the island are also nice, but more exposed.

Bird watching

Those who like to watch birds will head on Lake Skadar, shared with Montenegro or Lagoon Karavastasé between Tirana and Vlora (area not developed). The one and the other waters are home to rare groups Dalmatian pelican, gray and white herons, etc.


National parks

Albanian territory is strewn with a dozen national parks , most isolated and without any infrastructure. The more adventurous can explore them trying to book the services of a guide from a local tour operator or the Federation of Albanian Hiking, hoping to meet some of the animals that inhabit them, as the rare bobcat, a sort of lynx red.

Favorite excursion goal of the inhabitants of Tirana, Mount Dajti (1612 m) is served by a new gondola. There are several restaurants, picnic sites and accommodation chalets, but the summit is military zone.

More savage, the Lugina Valbonës park and covers 8,000 hectares around the mountain resort of Valbone, once frequented by the nomenklatura in the far north of the country. Pristine and authentic mountain scenery to perfection, but beware, the region is still very safe, do not go alone (e).


It would appear (no attempt) it is possible to ski in Albania. No cable car, or even lifts the program, but the powder in winter.
Sports in the soul will look at proposals to Outdoor Albania , Albanian TO specializing in outdoor activities (hiking, mountain biking, sea kayaking, etc.).

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