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American diggers identify the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh

American diggers identify the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh

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CAIRO: A team of US diggers in Egypt found the tomb of pharaoh Sobekhotep i, who was believed to be the founder of 13th dynasty over 3,800 years ago, confirmed by the antiquities Minister on Monday.

The team was from University of Pennsylvania, which discovered the quartzite sarcophagus of Sobekhotep i, weighing around 60 ton, a year back, but the identification took time until last week- Ministry.

Its identity was revealed when team found fragments of a slab inscribed with the pharaoh’s name and scriptures showing him sitting on throne- Antiquities Minister Mohamed Ibrahim.

“He is likely the first who ruled Egypt at the start of the 13th dynasty during the second intermediate period” – Minister.

The discovery is hell of importance as there wasn’t sufficient information available about Sobekhotep i “who ruled Egypt for four years and a half, the longest rule at this time”- Ayman El-Damarani, Ministry official.

The tomb’s discovery in the southern archaeological site of Abydos will hopefully reveal more details about his life and rule. The team also discovered the remains of canopic vases traditionally used to preserve internal body organs, along with gold objects owned by the king.

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