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Best Beaches on Earth for Enjoyment

Best Beaches on Earth for Enjoyment

Beaches are the perfect spot for relaxation. You get a chance to do a variety of activities and get to see some beautiful sights. A day out on the beach is sufficient to eradicate the remnants of fatigue that accumulate over the week because of hard work and hectic schedules. However, there is one thing that tends to spoil your day on the beach and that is overcrowding. Most of the popular beaches are too full of people. You do not get enough privacy and activities also get limited. This is not a problem if you know the secret places that are yet to be discovered by the masses and have gone unnoticed. These beaches are not only beautiful and open for all but also give you the privacy and peace you crave on your holiday. Here are some of the beaches that remain isolated and have not yet grabbed attention.

Abo Island

Surfing is an activity that requires peace and privacy. If you want to go for surfing, then the ideal spot for you would be around Abo Island in Mozambique. This area is filled with interesting marine life and also has mangrove forest that adds to its beauty. Not many people know about this place making it the perfect destination for your surfing.

Muriwai Beach

Another beautiful beach that is still undiscovered by many is the Muriwai beach in New Zealand. This beach is beautiful with rocky headlands. Surfing also is very common in this beach and you would also get to see the birds that are characteristic of the area.

Nine Caribbean Islands

Nine Caribbean islands have some amazing beaches. One of the most beautiful one is Isla Bastimentos. Playa wizard is another beautiful beach that remains isolated.

Thus if you are dying for a good vacation at the beach but the over follow of people make you reluctant, look up at one of these places. Although they have not gained too much attention, they do have the facilities that would make your vacation enjoyable and would give you ample privacy and a lot of space to have fun uninhibited.

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