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City Guide: The Good Address in Madrid

City Guide: The Good Address in Madrid

Bustling day and night, the Spanish capital would almost overshadow Barcelona. What travel in Europe and enjoy the atmosphere of Spain full blast! Vamos a Madrid!

Drink a glass of Tita Rivera
After a shopping spree calle Fuencarral, a pedestrian street that aligns trendy shops, the coffee bar is the ideal place to laze relax. On one side, a spacious garden terrace with trees. On the front, a room that is warm in the crude with metal suspensions oversized, sheet metal and wood. For drinks, we hesitate between cider and strawberry.

Feast on tapas twisted in Cabrera
At the heart of boho neighborhood Salesas it gastrobar and terrace are truly worth. Behind the counter, bartenders, Gabo and Philip, are extraordinary virtuosos shaker! The chef Benjamin Bensoussan, he officiates in front of the guests and revisits the tapas up into real works of art. Steaks miniature Tartar or sardines with passion fruit is as beautiful as good.

Relax in the gardens of the Ritz
A real nice place to unwind after visiting museums! OK, the atmosphere is nothing outdated, but you can sip a lemonade (or a hot coffee cream) in front of a fountain – and maybe even have the chance to meet the players of Real Madrid in incognito mode.


Immerse yourself in an artistic squat in Matadero
There is always something exciting in this contemporary art center housed in the old slaughterhouses of the city. Do not miss: the Cineteca, a screening room dedicated to experimental cinema. And especially the aperitifs Lindy Hop at the Teatro Cafe: inside and out, this is the place to be for hipsters!

Make a stop at the arty CentroCentro
This palace built in 1904 became the headquarters of architecture students, who devour the exhibitions devoted to urban culture. Sofas XXL slouch when reading a book is, of design objects shop and fine books, terrace with a view demented … The perfect break.

Cracking without ruining the Isolated
Last snobbery? Frequent this concept store in the Salamanca district, the stronghold of serial shoppers. Here, delicatessen, bookshop, perfumery, fashion shop and cafeteria coexist. It’s huge, exquisite taste and oddly not overpriced. For proof, in the green cotton bags Envirosax brand of € 7, and animal t-shirts Dear Tee (already collector), 30 €.

Breathe in Retiro Park
The height of chic if temperatures permit: rent a boat and wander on the lake this large park just pecking at the takeaway from home Mallorca. One can also make a trip to the Palacio de Cristal, a sublime metal and glass pavilion which hosts exhibitions … Or just watch skateboarders Madrid beautiful as gods.

Design rave to Do
The concept store Lucía Ruiz-Rivas looks like a think tank with tons finds Deco to copy, such as string attached to the ceiling after which roam solid rods clothing. Clothes to accessories, through the unearthed objects on the market of Cadiz, you want everything! A corner coffee can make it last.


Believe in the Balearic Circo de las Tapas
Located in the Malasaña, funky neighborhood tagged walls, this restaurant resembles a finca, the white houses of the Balearics. Stone walls, deco chic rural spirit, a real trap bobos! And we understand them when we taste the tortilla de patatas accompanied ham Guijuelo … just insane. In the basement is more festive. Normal, the mojitos are very well served.

Feast at the Mercado de San Miguel
After winding the arcades of the Plaza Mayor, one stands before the saliva of the covered market in industrial style. We gave them every hour of Albóndigas (meatballs topped with tomato sauce) and pork all kinds, including the famous pata negra ham Bellota. And descend a tinto de verano (a glass of chilled red wine with lemonade) with local foodies.

Feel the rhythm of flamenco at Casa Patas
This rustic restaurant with checkered tablecloths hides his game … In the back room, a small stage welcomes dancers and musicians ultra concentrated. And we, we let quickly caught by the fever of cante jondo! Bonus: the day you can attend flamenco conservatory repetitions.

Neofolk get a look at Pez
In this refined shop run by two young passionate fashionistas, there are a hundred brands identified around the world. Plaid shirts, jumpers ethnic grounds, ponchos of Mass-cob label, sombreros home Forte Forte, shaped jewelry insects To be Continued … Everything you love. The two friends also draw wallets and leather handbags handcrafted in Madrid.


Taste before shopper at Dray Martina
In recent months, a UFO loving gourmands Salesas the district. In this culinary spot it in mind rock, we devour pastries to die for! (Calle Argensola, 7, Then place in shopping! Vintage clothing preppy in Divisa (calle Argensola, 2) with flowered dresses Ailanto (calle Orellana, 14) Organic cotton tops among Nac (Calle Genova, 18): you necessarily find happiness.

Go wild on the rock to Madrid Moby Dick
The most crazy groups marched to the scene of the 80s club very public side, a decadent fauna straight out of a film by Almodóvar, evidence that the Madrid Movida is enjoying a renaissance! For clubbeuses bad electromagnet: after the concerts, DJs settle the decks. That pulse …

Chic and cheap sleep in The Hat
Major nearby the plaza, this hostel new style was designed in tribute to Paul Young’s song “Wherever I Lay My Hat” (“Wherever I lay my hat”).
The concept comes from the lobby with a collection of bowlers. It goes on the floors where Panamas, boaters and top hats are shaped decoration. But the pearl of the place remains the rooftop, which electrifies the All-Madrid young and trendy!

Unravel the mystery Prado
Among the masterpieces of Spanish masters housed in this museum, a painting attracts crowds of visitors, “Las Meninas”, which represents the Infanta Margarita child, painted by Velázquez in 1656. Like the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, canvas hide an enigma as his worshipers continue to want to decipher …

Iberian Lunch Bar Tomate
This loft grungy clashes in the tradi Chamberi district with shops between sneakers old (obligatory stop Calzados Cantero, Plaza Olavide, 12) and retro cafes. The perfect spot for a drink Mahou, the local beer, or test the Iberian cuisine with accents. Friday and Saturday evening, the DJ drive up the sauce!


Fiesta at Mondo Disko
Electro, techno, afro, funk, disco: the resident DJ Gerardo Niva ride the party animals on an ultra-varied soundtrack.
At the stroke of 5:00 in the morning, night owls meet for the ritual of “chocolate con churros” at the bakery San Gines, two blocks away.

Savor cocktails Vintage 1862 Dry Bar
Ready to cash the shock of Madrid fiestas? We start gently in this bar with boudoir air, in the heart of Triball, the new district that made the buzz. Sip a Mary Pickford, a drink in 20 years rum. Soft lighting and cozy atmosphere: a perfect place for a meeting …

Discover the creators of the vanguard at 44 Store
This shop exclusively presents the rebels from Madrid fashion designers like David Delfin, who loves the colorful aesthetic Almodovar. Besides, Rossy de Palma would crack for his extravagant dresses …

Making the rounds of bars … Tapas
The Calle Cava Baja is a festive arch-street, perfect to indulge in the ritual of the “tapas” making the rounds of numerous tabernas (taverns) remained in their juice. Among the most cults: the Chata (at No. 24) with tapas pescados (fish) to fall; Casa Curro (at No. 23) with Andalusian flavors; Esteban (at No. 36) for small plates Cocido madrileño, a kind of pot-au-feu; and finally El Tempranillo (at No. 38), where the Stars play chorizo.

I am going

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I sleep

At the Hotel Room Mate Oscar, situated in the heart of Chueca, the outgoing and nightlife district. The more a rooftop lounge terrace with swimming pool for very sunny days. From € 80 night

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