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Colombia, the Attractions of South America


Majestic Andean peaks, Pristine Caribbean coast enigmatic Amazon rainforest, fascinating archaeological sites and charming colonial cities: Colombia focuses all the attractions of South America, and more.

Landscape Diversity

Because of its proximity to the equator, Colombia has a wide variety of landscapes. A slight change of altitude you will spend the Caribbean sand sunburnt emerald hills, dotted with coffee plants, of the Zona Cafetera. Keep climbing and you will reach Bogotá, third highest capital in the world. Then win snowy peaks, mountain lakes and the unique and austere vegetation of the paramo (high mountain plains). Then it is a sudden return to the dela sea level when the Andes give way to the Llanos, an area of tropical grassland 550 000 km2, shared with Venezuela.

Outdoor adventures

The natural diversity of Colombia makes it a breeding ground for many activities: diving, climbing, rafting, hiking, paragliding, etc. If San Gil is the undisputed capital of the adventure, unforgettable experiences await you around the country. A multi-day hike in the jungle will take you to the ancient ruins of the Lost City of Tayrona, while many ascents in the Parque Nacional Natural El Cocuy allow intrepid trekkers tu Andes highest peaks. The beautiful reefs of Providencia resemble a paradise for divers, while the Pacific coast offers the opportunity to observe humpback whales in their natural environment.

Columbian cultures

Many civilizations have left fascinating remains everywhere in Colombia. La Ciudad Perdida is one of the most mysterious ancient cities of South America. Another site shrouded in secrecy, San Agustín is dotted with more than 500 life-size statues, whose origin remains enigmatic. In Tierradentro, sophisticated underground tombs were dug by an unknown people: what will enhance the mystique of Colombian history.

Colonial Heritage

Besides the historic center incredibly well preserved Cartagena, Colombia has many picturesque towns and villages, which often seem frozen in another époquee. Barichara, in perfect condition, and Mompox, quiet as can be, look like film sets, surprisingly forgotten by modern progress, while in Villa de Leyva, whitewashed buildings with lime have not changed since the sixteenth century .

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