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Dunagiri Retreat – A unique experience in India

Few places are left on our planet where we can enjoy tourism experiences in such a pristine and tranquil environment as Dunagiri Retreat – a small, exclusive country retreat found in the lush Himalayan foothills of Uttarakhand, India. Nestled in the hills at 7400’ Dunagiri Retreat overlooks dramatic deep rural valleys and cloud covered Himalayan peaks. Guests stay amidst ancient forests, terraced hills, fascinating history, rich local culture and captivating natural beauty.

Dunagiri Retreat offers wonderfully unique Tours which begin in India’s bustling capital of Delhi, and travel to Dunagiri’s idyllic mountain setting. Dunagiri Tours give guests a chance to experience, explore and deeply connect with India from the inside out. Whether enjoying our focus tours for Cultural Heritage, Photography, Yoga and Spirituality, Artists’, or for Students, everyone can find a tour that perfectly fits their interests, abilities and passions. Guests will be immersed in a richly layered experience, exploring the beauty of nature, history, culture, people and places of India, Uttarakhand and of the Dunagiri area. Dunagiri’s tour guests can expect to make new friends, enjoy beautiful and fascinating destinations, explore local culture, enjoy delightful cuisines and experience the utmost in hospitality.

Accommodations at Dunagiri Retreat are comprised of two lovingly restored guest houses located within expansive gardens. The comfortable and stylish rooms offer our guests an elegant yet relaxed ambiance.

Our guiding philosophy is deeply rooted in sustainable/responsible tourism, environmental conservation, biodiversity protection and cultural heritage preservation. Dunagiri keeps tour group size small, to insure a very personal tour experience, to minimize impact on the environment, and to allow each guest genuine contact with the place and the people. Of great importance at Dunagiri, is to offer respect and empowerment to the local people from the small surrounding villages. Indeed, exploring and sharing the deep understanding and pride the local people have for their heritage and the land they love adds much to what makes the experience at Dunagiri truly unique.

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