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Interesting Facts About Montana

A few months  have passed since my stay in  Montana has ended, and I must admit that my heart has not yet recovered from this experience. There is something that attracts you, which makes you want to go back. This feeling has pushed many people to settle there definitively. Here are some Interesting Facts About Montana.

From Missoula to Glacier National Park, moments of pause and reflection seem endless. Montana will be the ideal place for those who wish to disconnect for a brief moment and discover the serenity of “slow travel”.


At first sight (and I say it both as a New Yorker and a woman of color), Montana does not seem very diversified. Compared to the larger cities, it is not, but its inhabitants and culture are not lacking in wealth. His unique anecdotes, rich history and magnificent people demand our attention and deserve it. To begin to understand the history of Montana, what better way to discover the Indian nations who live there? If you are lucky enough to attend a pow-wow or  Montana, or even to chat with a member of one of the Montana Indian tribes, do not hesitate for a second. These moments have developed my attachment to this place and also allowed me to discover unknown facets of Montana.



Drop your phone and venture onto a ranch to get close to the magnificent Montana horses. You will also have the opportunity to meet some cowboys. But I must say that nothing inspires me as much respect and fear as cowgirls in action. That these gentlemen do not get upset, but I would like to learn all the skills of these strong, talented and truly rebellious women.

Cowgirl montana


Whether in the mountains, valleys or plains, do not forget to allow a little time to stop and observe the sunset. If you are around a fire with a group of friends it is even better, but even if you are alone you will not be disappointed.

Cowboy montana


Nicknamed “Crown of the Continent”, Glacier National Park offers such fascinating landscapes that I can hardly describe them, especially in a few words. I would simply say that in this park, the few areas without Wi-Fi are a blessing: forget any distraction and open yourself to the incredible gift that Mother Nature unveils right before your eyes. If there’s a time when you need to drop your phone, it’s this one. And it’s also a very good reason to fall in love with Montana.



Store all your gadgets and look around if you explore the nature of Montana or go hiking. Safety first: you never know who you can fall on the way. A bear, for example.

But sometimes the encounters are not dangerous and, although it is better to keep your distance, it is always fun to come across a wild animal. You should not miss this moment by letting yourself be distracted!

River montana goat

The people who helped me disconnect and enjoy my network-free experience in Montana were the Glacier Guides, which allowed me to go out into the wild with adrenaline rushes to the key!

My stay at Flathead Lake Lodge awoke the cowgirl in me, while my overnight stay in  Montana, in the heart of the park, offered me a great time of relaxation.

Check out the hashtag  #PictureMontana  on Twitter and Instagram to let you more inspired by Montana.



Rafting montana

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