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Matterhorn – Symbol for Switzerland


The Matterhorn and Switzerland are inseparably linked. The pyramid-shaped mountain giant who is very difficult to climb, is considered the most photographed mountain in the world. Opposite him is potential through a cable car Klein Matterhorn.

In 1865, the ascent of the Matterhorn, the four of seven climbers lost their lives, until then very secluded region changed forever. The Matterhorn became world famous and to target more ambitious climbers.

Even today, climbing the Matterhorn is challenging and to provide only for experienced mountaineers with good equipment and competent leader. At the foot of the most frequented route is at 3260m the Hörnlihütte that in 2015 after complete remodeling newly opened Basecamp Matterhorn, the mountain Matterhorn.

A fantastic view of the most photographed mountain in the world has one of Klein Matterhorn (Matterhorn Paradise) from which is separated only by the Theodulpass and -Gletscher the Matterhorn. It is opened from Zermatt with cable cars, the mountain station at 3820 meters above sea level is the highest cable car station in the Alps.

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