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The Grand Tour of Switzerland



And if you (re) discover Switzerland? To explore all facets of the neighboring country, but ultimately misunderstood, nothing like the Grand Tour of Switzerland, a road route of some 1 600 km through four language regions, five Alpine passes eleven sites listed as World Heritage Site UNESCO biospheres two and twenty-two lakes.

Between Ticino, marked dolce vita in the Italian region of Berne-Oberland and its triad of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, tasty region of Fribourg and the majestic peaks of the Valais, the Swiss Riviera and the valleys Jura, or Lucerne and historical landmarks that contrasts and variety!

Towns, villages, monuments, landscapes, many steps that illustrate the many faces of Switzerland, and that will surely amaze you. Here’s a taste …

Jura and Three Lakes


Compared to their nearby Alpine neighbors, the peaks of Jura may seem quite modest. Yet this low mountain hides sumptuous natural sites like the spectacular Creux du Van . Around 5000 BC. BC, man was already installed on the banks of the Jura lakes. A land of history and tradition, so it Jura.

Nestled in one of its valleys lined with dark resinous has invented the legendary absinthe .Some of these wide valleys are still and always country clockwork . Ancestral knowledge that has also shaped the urban planning of the cities of La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle , now listed in the UNESCO World Heritage.

Le Creux du Van

To shape the Creux du Van , nature took its time (water, snow and ice have been working for several millennia) but she saw the big picture: open on one flank of the Jura, this “hollow” as a rocky amphitheater that flares over 1 km. Spectacular, really! Especially as its limestone cliffs plunge of 160 m in the valley.

Along the trail, simply protected from the abyss by one of those typical dry stone walls of the pastures of the Jura, is revealed, as long as the sun is to the game, a wonderful view over Lake Neuchâtel and the Alps.

At the foot of the cliffs, in the scree, often point the horns of deer, chamois and ibex. And all the circus of the bottom springs a source whose water temperatures barely exceed 4 ° C, whatever the time of year. ideal temperature for a trouble absinthe, another specialty of the Val-de-Travers?

Berne – Bernese Oberland


A mosaic of landscapes … The formula is worn? Yet it is perfectly suited to this vast territory whose form could (with a hint of imagination!) Remember that the skin of the bear to its image.

In the center, Berne , city created in 1191 by the Zähringen. A capital city (and the headquarters of the Swiss Confederation since 1848) that has survived the centuries unscathed, now a rich heritage that earned him to be classified by UNESCO.

To the east, almost to the gates of the city, lies the pleasant and almost timeless valley of Emmental , which is manufactured the famous cheese of the same name. South, overlooking the glittering glaciers as roaring waterfalls, link the peaks of the Bernese Oberland , the three inseparable (and world famous) Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau . It is almost essential to climb the slopes by train to the highest railway station in Europe at 3454 m altitude .

Other superb sites to discover, water lakes Brienz and Thun by boat, two lakes among the … 800 numbered in the area!

The Bernese Oberland, it is also hamlets and villages rich in heritage and local traditions, discover randomly pastures or in the valleys. Moreover, impossible to draw a portrait of this region without mentioning another of these jewels, the famous resort of Gstaad , where luxury boutiques and lavish chalets stars did not erase centuries of alpine authenticity.

The Old City of Berne


If we are to believe the legend, in 1191, Berchtold V, Duke of Zähringen, had decided to give this newly founded named after the first animal he would meet on site city. It could have been another frog fable. It was a bear, Bär in German, which gave Bärn and Bern (with a final “e” in French).

Today, this bear always features prominently on the arms of the city. A silhouette of the animal also guess on the packages of the famous Toblerone chocolate bar produced in Berne since the early twentieth century. And it seems unthinkable to go into town without greet plantigrades flesh and bones Bear Park ( Bärenpark ).

Do not imagine as far as the Bernese are bears. Quite the contrary! You can enjoy their hospitality (and discovering that Berne is a city famed and more) throughout this row of seats (the Waisenhausplatz in Bärenplatz ) as the Bernese call Die Front .

Multiple terraces you’ll tend their chairs to eat chips with curry or a drink, casting a casual glance (if interested) to a part of giant chess in progress. At one corner of the Bärenplatz stands the Federal Palace ( Bundeshaus ), to visit to understand how this state of 26 cantons, symbolized by so many fountains in front of the building.

Then, once crossed the Clock Tower ( Zytglogge ), ancient gate of the ramparts and oldest monument in Berne (1220), you will see how, since the Middle Ages nestled in a loop of the Aare River, the old city has kept look great. No wonder it recognized ” the site UNESCO World Heritage ” since 1983.

The arches of the wide, cobbled Marktgasse , lined with elegant windows extend over not less than 6 km. At the foot of these arcades nestle many small caves that are home to bars, shops, theaters or cinema. And walking on the pavement, you meet many colorful fountains topped with statues and Renaissance centuries old houses perfectly aligned. Behind the facade of one posed at No. 49, a certain Albert Einstein wrote nothing less than the theory of relativity and the equivalence law of matter and energy (E = mc2, of course!). This apartment with a modest (but awesome although he struggled to get the ferry!) Official will visit today.

As in two steps, visit the Saint-Vincent Cathedral ( Berner Münster ) whose steeple accumulates records: highest 100m battery, the highest in Switzerland, home to the heaviest (with its ton and a half) bell of the country. From there, the beautiful view of the Old City gives only one desire: to plunge into its streets and alleys.

And push to the Museum of Fine Arts ( Kunstmuseum ) for an appointment with artistic Courbet, Cezanne, Monet, Picabia, Picasso, Matisse, Braque, Kandinsky, Giacometti and many others …

The villages of Gstaad and Saanen

The villages-of-Gstaad-and-Saanen

Gstaad ? Thanks to the tabloids, everyone knows that some international stars have a chalet in the ski resort which, although a bit posh with prices more zeros in some shop windows, has a certain charm ( a certain charm, even!).

Saanen , its closest neighbor, common historical (which depends garlic owers Gstaad), has retained much of its authenticity with many old cottages (the fifteenth to seventeenth century) with painted woodwork, sometimes Bible verses in Gothic letters. Under its unmistakable bell tower covered with these wooden boards called tavillons, St. Maurice church houses also in his amazing choir frescoes depict St. Maurice life. Its exceptional acoustics allows it to host classical concerts in the Menuhin Festival (mid-July to early September) .

Lucerne – Lake Lucerne


Lucerne looks just like the postcards that illustrate it … If not that many historical monuments (beginning with the Chapel Bridge) are side by side with cultural facilities pioneering as concert hall.

Lucerne is placed at the edge of Lake Lucerne , the shores are also home – as the name suggests – the small cantons which have concluded the first federal alliance. The land of William Tell, the primitive Switzerland.

The Alps also come to die at the foot of the old city with some of the emblematic summits of the corner is gained via means of transport that accumulate records.

The Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke)


Thrown across the river from 1333 is the oldest and, after the one in Bad Säckingen, the longest covered wooden bridge in Europe , although it has been shortened by five times, from 1741 to 1898.

The Chapel Bridge was originally decorated with 112 paintings on wood of the seventeenth century, hung in the triangles formed by the beams of the roof. They illustrate the history of Lucerne and the lives of Saint Léger and Saint Maurice, the owners of the city. In August 1993, a fire destroyed the bridge and consumed most original paintings.

Rebuilt in record time (8 months), the book has certainly found his form of old, but it will take several decades for the wood patina. And if thirty original paintings are exhibited again (the cycle dedicated to Saint Maurice), for others, remain just empty spaces blackened by the flames … The site has retained a real magic.



Everything south of the Alps, beyond the neck (or the longest road tunnel in the world …) Gotthard, the Ticino is the Swiss version of “dolce vita”, the only Swiss canton where Italian is the only official language .

Splendid Ticino which, in the same sunny day, you can pass sparkling glaciers to palm the shores of Lake Maggiore . Ticino, this can also be an authentic cappuccino on the Piazza Grande in Locarno , a simple but delicious stop in a small grotto , these typical local restaurants lost in the valleys, a window shopping session in Lugano or a hike in the hills of the Mendrisiottoregion, which, in this year 2015, will be only an hour drive from the universal Exposition of Milan.

The three castles of Bellinzona


Bellinzona docks at the foot of the Gotthard. A strategic position that earned this little town already very Mediterranean with its pastel piazzas to be superbly fortified with three castles, built between the thirteenth and fifteenth century.

The most beautiful is undoubtedly the Castello Montebello . Behind the drawbridge and the double enclosure, the central tower houses the Museo Civico Archeologico e . The Castelgrande, flanked by two towers of 28 m, is he, the seat of the Museo Archeologico e storico artisticowith a superb set of wood Renaissance frescoes.

Finally, it will increase to the Castello di Sasso Corbaro , which stands at 230 meters above the city and which really we hardly believe that six months were enough to build … This “remarkable set of defensive end structure medieval a key strategic Alpine pass “is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lugano, side heights


Lugano has its feet in the water of the lake and head in the clouds. The San Salvatore , also called “sugar loaf” rises majestically above the city, so Rio Alps. East side, the Monte Brè (925 m is one of the sunniest mountains in Switzerland. Since 1912, a funicular nice part in his assault from Cassarate to a hard to match panorama.

Fribourg and its region


The region Freiburg has only belatedly and quietly its industrial revolution. So it was a chance for the visitor, who will discover nature here certainly grown but amazingly preserved, and cities, towns and other villages that seem still living in the Middle Ages.

As Gruyères , nestled at the foot of the castle, which has, without question, one of the most beautiful villages of Switzerland. As Morat and Estavayer-le-Lac on the banks of what may be called the “Fribourg Riviera”. Or like Fribourg , finally, capital and economic center of the township, including the Old City has been beautifully preserved.

Territory rich in heritage, Fribourg region has just as much sense of celebration : in great popular demonstrations like Désalpe when, in the fall, beautifully flowered cows leave the mountain pastures. The heart of Fribourg then vibrates for Bénichon , which marks the end of the heavy work in the fields, and whose traditional menu can include up to 14 dishes.

The Fribourg (colloquially called Dzodzets ) wish above all to preserve the taste of local products: the cheese Gruyère PDO, of course, but also those of the cuchaule the Bénichon mustard, smoked ham to terminal , pears Botzi, meringues with double cream, cream which also enters in the composition of delicious cream cake Vully. This Mont-Vully whose buoyant hills greet the smallest vineyard in Switzerland.



Nicely perched on a hill at the mouth of the Intyamon valley which hides beautiful old villages like Grandvillard or Lessoc, the former capital of the Counts of Gruyères, who ruled the area until 1554, has, it either, lost none of its luster. The village is rightly considered one of the finest in Switzerland with its cobbled streets and always lined with elegant medieval houses that gently climbs to the old count’s castle sitting there since the twelfth century.

If the dungeon is a century old less (XIII century), the castle that we visit today was enlarged in the fifteenth century. After (or before, up to you!) Visiting the castle, we can push the door of two amazing museums, one dedicated to Hans Ruedi Giger , multitalented artist, inventor of the creature from the movie Alien including another Tibetan Buddhism with an impressive collection of exhibits, some very old.

Gruyère and, of course, gave the seventeenth century since its name to a famous cheese made in the Alps since at least ancient times. Gruyère on which you learn almost everything in thePringy cheese factory , one of the first established in Switzerland in 1969, or by climbing up the mountain dairy of Moléson, dating her seventeenth s and still made, as formerly, cheese on a wood fire.

Finally, for a more authentic experience, the Cheese dairy path allows knocking randomly on the door of a mountain farm.



This lovely medieval town, founded in the twelfth century by the Duke of Zähringen Berthold, sits serenely on a hill overlooking one of the banks of the lake of the same name. Situated on a north-south axis of communication linking Rome to Germania, Morat was already present in Roman times as the Muratum . She entered the history of Switzerland in 1476 with the second great defeat of Charles the Bold face the Confederates (Louis XI of allies).

We still crossed the ramparts almost intact through the door of Bern (XVIII century) and the clock (rising by hand since 1778!). Beautiful view of the Main Street ( Hauptgasse ), arcades and facades of the seventeenth and eighteenth s, its banners of yesterday or today, painted or wrought iron, and its cellars entries. On the left, the Französische Kirchgasse leads in no time to the French church, sober little Gothic building of the fifteenth century (stunning views of the lake from the garden). To the right of the door, the Deutsche Kirchgasse leads it (logically for German!), The German church of the fourteenth and eighteenth century, half Gothic, half-baroque pulpit and home to a fifteenth-century carved from a single oak trunk.

Just behind the church, wooden staircases lead to the ramparts and the lovely walkway that offers lovely views over the rooftops of the city or the lake from the highest tower. On the way down, up to the pension coffee Ringmauer, one can see the old clock mechanism (1816) of the lantern of the town hall. The Kreuzgasse then leads to the town hall, the baroque tower, its sixteenth s arcades and open balcony on the lake. Following the Rathausgasse , you reach the castle built in 1255 by Pierre de Savoie. If he does not visit, however, it can enter its courtyard garden.



Everyone knows the unmistakable shape of the Matterhorn and quaint and chic resorts ofZermatt, Crans-Montana, Verbier and Saas-Fee .

But the Valais ( Wallis in German), it is also the upper Rhone valley to which other small valleys tumble, and cottage villages lashed the sides of mountains that burst the ceiling of 4000 m (Valais has 45 peaks at these altitudes!). They are also sparkling glaciers, proud rocks, small towns sizzling under a southern sun already.

The Valais has kept the sense of celebration. And that of the host. So go in small bistros, order a glass of Malvasia or Petite Arvine, and sample the Valais Dried Meat IGP or, of course, squeegee invented here.

Then make some digestive walks: with more than 8000 km of marked trails , everyone can find his way to boot, in undergrowth in the scent of larch, through the vineyards or along the irrigation channels, these amazing irrigation channels in specific altitude Valais.



The Rhone Valley away; the small road, tortuous climbs on the left bank of the Val d’Anniviers, still rich in old mills. Finally, at 1572 m altitude, in a grandiose setting of mountains identified by coniferous forests perfect for hiking, we reached Grimentz , gem of old wood sunburned.

Its historic core has unquestionably among the finest of Valais. A real postcard village with its narrow streets lined with chalets are centuries old and almost flooded with geraniums. We also discover old barns on stilts, the seventeenth century, very clever with their large flat stones that prevent rodents to hoist it.

In the old village of Grimentz, the water is almost everywhere, the bubbling brook that turns the wheel of the mill more disciplined animated fountains. But it is the wine that hides the basement of the proud home bourgeoisiale (1480-1550), in old larch barrels where aging the Glacier Wine – local delicacy dating back to the time of transhumance. Other barrels are stored in three white stone cellars located behind the church.

Modern station, below the village, welcomes the arrival of the famous Grand Raid mountain bike race daunting for calves, which links Verbier to Grimentz.

Abbey of Saint-Maurice


Located in the valley of the young Rhone, on the road leading from Rome to Gaul and Germany by the Col du Grand-Saint-Bernard, the region has seen many legions. Legend says that Maurice, head of the Theban Legion (Christian), there was martyred with all his soldiers for refusing to kill Christians in the late third century. In 515 Sigismund, future King of Burgundy, founded a monastery at the foot of an impressive cliff.

Winning soon as one of the main pilgrimage destinations in the Alps, it gradually accumulates treasures. Forty Augustinian monks still occupy places and teaching in their college is renowned for kilometers around. It is beyond the oldest abbey in Western Europe never ceased to be active: 1500 years in 2015!

Aletsch Glacier


With 23 km long and 27 billion tonnes of ice, the Aletsch glacier is the largest glacier in the Alps.It is dominated by 9 peaks over 4000 m. These giants of the Alps can be admired from a succession of viewpoints easily reached by cable car or cable car from the Goms.

The beauty of this panorama has earned the entire region to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And if you want another must view, make a detour to Crans-Montana. Its unique alpine panorama in the world place a powerful white frieze 200 km long.

Vaud – Lake Geneva Region


Posed southwest of Switzerland, entirely francophone, the canton of Vaud (Lake Geneva region) includes the territories of extreme variety in less than an hour, one can go from very alpine atmosphere of the Diablerets (the foot of the highest peak in the canton 3210 m) to the banks already almost Mediterranean in the Swiss Riviera to Vevey or Montreux (and its famous Jazz Festival), even wild pastures of the Jura to the sublime landscape of the Lavaux vineyards , listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site; a Joux valley shaped by fine watchmaking with pleasant family beaches of Yverdon-les-Bains

Geneva, open to the world


But the demographic center of gravity of the Vaud canton is undoubtedly located on the shores of Lake Geneva . The shores of Europe’s largest alpine lake home to the great Geneva conurbation and the largest population density in the canton of Vaud, around its capital city: Lausanne.

Compared to some German-speaking cantons, this vast urban area is only moderately industrialized, but it makes up for in the service sector, particularly in Lausanne with teaching (the campus is of importance) and advanced medicine (the Hospital university is the largest employer in the city).

A real dynamism that helped install on the shores of Lake Geneva a cosmopolitan population.This also explains the lifestyle that cultivates the canton of Vaud, between intense cultural life and typical gastronomy.

The Olympic Museum in Lausanne


It is a new expanded museum, redesigned and refurbished with digital animations, which reopened its doors in late 2013. Preceded by a park dotted with sculptures of great contemporary artists (such as Niki de Saint Phalle or Calder) on the theme of sport, it also includes an athletics track and a green amphitheater.

The museum is organized on three levels, each of which has a dimension of Olympism. The first explores the history of the Games from antiquity to the present day, passing by Coubertin course of action to revive, then the torch route to the Olympic cities. The second level is devoted to the competitions themselves, between portraits of athletes and equipment – footwear Jesse Owens (1936) and Michael Johnson (! Golden), shirt Michael Phelps, Paralympic skis or bobsleigh team for two Switzerland 1920 (summary!). Images broadcast repeatedly reduced to the emotion of the moment.

The last part of the museum evokes the Olympic spirit through the discovery of Olympic villages, rules, coaching, sports interviews … Did you know that the Olympic Games in Paris in 1924, the Athletes’ menu included half a bottle of wine or beer? It ends with an audiovisual show at 180 ° C with medals. If after all this you do not feel the soul of a champion …


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Country Analysis

Deadly Australian Animals




Deadly Australian Animals have a bad wrap for being full of dangerous nasties that can kill you, which is pretty far from the truth really!

Most of our wildlife is actually non-threatening, made up mainly of harmless cute and cuddly marsupials. We have a few species that might give you a hard time if you come across them, most of them being snakes. Like most species if you leave them alone & take a few precautionary steps, they wont cause you any grief.
So what are our deadliest Australians?

1 – GREAT WHITE SHARK (White Pointers)

The worlds largest predatory fish usually 4 5 metres long. Attacks on humans are rare, but about a dozen attacks occur in Australian waters each year, with maybe 1 -2 deaths a year and divers or surfers being the most suseptible. Great whites are found along the east and south-west coasts of Australia


The second most venomous snake in the world, the Eastern Brown is responsible for the most snakebite deaths in Australia. Because the Eastern Brown stays close to homes its one of the most common snakes humans encounter. The Eastern Brown is found along the east coast of Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia.



The Taipan is one of the most potent of all snake venoms. Most of the time they stay away from humans but will defend themselves fiercely if cornered or threatened. Most snakes will flee after attacking, however, the Taipan will attack repeatedly, injecting as much venom as possible into the victims body. The common taipan is found in the far north of Australia, in Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. There is a very rare inland taipan which is the most venomous snake in the world, being up to 50 times more toxic than a rattlesnake



A Death Adders bite will cause paralysis and can kill a human in under six hours. Step on one and you are very likely to be bitten. The Death Adder will strike in a quarter of a second and has the fastest strike of any Australian snake. The Death Adder is found everywhere in the country except for Victoria and Tasmania



The Tiger Snakes venom contains neurotoxins which attack the nervous system, paralyze the muscles and causes asphyxiation. It has anti-coagulants in the venom which causes heavy, often uncontrollable bleeding. It is found in coastal environments, wetlands and creeks around Australia.



The Funnel Web spider spins a trap so its aware of prey is passing by. It venom can kill a human in 15 minutes. It lives in burrows, stumps, tree trunks or ferns along the east coast of Australia, but are found in all states except for Western Australia.



The Red Back spider hides in the dark and often damp corners and spaces around the yard & garden. The Red Backs venom blocks nerve impulses and causes severe pain, vomiting, muscular weakness and sweating. Red-back spiders are found throughout the country.



The Saltwater Crocodile is largest & oldest reptile in the world. The Saltwater Crocodiles predatory nature keeps its body concealed underwater until its ready to strike. Often the victim is taken into a death roll and then wedged under a log in the water or in bushes until the Crocodiles return. The Saltwater Crocodiles are found on the northern coast and inland areas of Australia. Floods can often cause them to venture further south than their usual natural habitats.



The Blue Ringed Octopus is the size of a golf ball and it changes to a vibrant blue when it strikes, with a beak that can penetrate a wetsuit. It has a venom that is 10,000 times more toxic than cyanide and can kill a human in up to 90 minutes. The blue-ringed octopus can be found in rock pools and coral reefs around the nation, so always a good idea to wear wet boots or sandshoes when walking on reefs.



The Box Jellyfish has a venom that attacks a humans cardiac and nervous systems. If stung you have virtually no chance of surviving unless treated straight away. The Box Jellyfish tentacles have the ability to sting even when separated from the jellyfish, which makes it a very dangerous species and come out in numbers after it rains and move towards the shore in calm waters when the tide is rising. Commonly found in the ocean across the northern top of the country as well as Queensland and the north Western Australia coast.



The Stonefish is the most venomous fish in the world. While not very aggressive, the Stonefishs proximity to shores and the ability to camouflage itself in coral makes it easy for people to accidentally touch or step on them. The Stonefish has 13 dangerous spines and a dorsal fin, and when stung it causes death to body tissues. The stonefish is found predominantly on coral reefs, mud, rocks and coastal ocean sands of Western Australia and Queensland.



The Cone Snail is an underwater snail which has a tooth-like stinger that acts like a harpoon. The Cone Snail has enough venom to kill a human as it paralyses the respiratory muscles. Because the cone snails shell is pretty and colorful, tourists often unknowingly pick them up and get stung. The Cone Snail is located in the coastal waters of Australia, and live in mud, sand flats and shallow reef waters.

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Country Analysis

Top 7 Attractions in India




India is one of the countries that fascinate many travelers. We present 7 tourist sites to visit in India.

The Taj Mahal, Agra

This immense mausoleum built in the 17th century is one of the most emblematic monuments in the world . On the list of UNESCO World Heritage , this masterpiece has between 2 and 4 million visitors each year. Located in Agra, the Taj Mahal was built in white marble. Remember that photos and videos inside the building are prohibited.

Red Fort, Agra

The second monument to visit in Agra is the Red Fort . This 17th-century building emphasizes the power of the Mughal Empire. You will be able to contemplate its ramparts. Inside, you can discover an enormous fortress, with marble palaces, gardens and mosques . From the Fort, you will also have a beautiful view of the Taj Mahal.

The temples of Khajuraho, Khajuraho

India is also known for its many temples. Among the most beautiful, you can take the direction of the temples of Khajuraho . For the anecdote, of the 85 built temples, there are only about twenty today. You will be amazed at the greatness of these temples. You will be intrigued by the erotic sculptures of the monuments. This site is listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

The Ajanta Caves, Ajanta

Located in Maharashtra, the Ajanta Caves are impressive. Adorned with frescoes and Buddha statues, they were carved by Buddhist monks in the volcanic rock. In all, you can admire more than 30 caves, which served as temples, monasteries or even meeting rooms.

Pangong Tso

Between India and Tibet, Lake Pangong Tso is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Long of 134 km, you will be charmed by the beauty of this basin. Located at about 4.250m above sea level, this lake freezes completely in winter. It takes about 8 hours by car to contemplate this place. Access is only open during the summer. Unfortunately, you will not be able to navigate it for safety reasons.

Qutub Minar, Delhi

The highest minaret of India , the Qutub Minar measures 72.5 m high. Located in Delhi, this building is imposing. It is also one of the most visited tourist sites in the city. It is better to visit it early in the morning, because the rest of the day there are too many people.

Fortress of Meherangarh, Jodhpur

The fortress of Meherangarh dominates the city of Jodhpur. You can walk the ramparts and visit the palaces and courtyards. Inside the fortress you will find a museum with a rich collection of palanquins, costumes, furniture and musical instruments. During this visit, you will have a fairly detailed view of the Indian way of life. You will also have a sublime view of Jodhpur, which is called the “blue city”.

And what is your favorite place in India?

[ Photo 1 , photo 2 , photo 3 , photo 4 , photo 5 , photo 6 , photo 7 , photo 8 ]


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Country Analysis

A Gratitude To New York City




Performer Nina Boesch moils out plenty of such work making use of extracting plastic deals for New York’s subterranean system.

These are typically mosaic works of art designed out of practically nothing but below ground passes. Performer Nina Boesch, 33,  work really hard for 100s of the performances by utilizing discarded plastic material fares for New York’s below ground program. The out of date cards are modified into acquainted New York city displays – yellow-colored skylines, taxi cabs, subways and in many cases images of celebrities for instance John Lennon, James Dean, Woody Allen as well as from the show Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn.

Nina Boesch remarkably provides these sketches to existence making use of just the colorings along with designs available on the legendary yellow-colored cards. As a whole, the German born designer has chopped up a lot more than thirty thousand of the cards that are referred to as Metro Cards in New York City. Whilst making the works of art. Nina Boesch’s collages are presented on screen within the Bean coffee house in the East Village, and also in Brooklyn at the home of Art collection.

Thrown away Metro Cards can be obtained scattered all around any train station, thoughtlessly tossed to one side by train riders every time they reach its expiration date or money are worn-out. Experiencing this trash as the excellent method, Nina Boesch gathers them, in addition to offers them a new life. The majority of the designers collages is encouraged because of the MTA and also train transit system on its own, making use of the minimal colorings of the cards; glowing blue, orange, yellow-colored, dark colored as well as white-colored. She use the two colors either black color or white color area on the card. Nina Boesch puts together train stop indicators, subway maps, along with old-fashioned New York City background objects.

The glowing blue from the front side of the cards turn out to be water, the heavens, in addition to portions of the United States flag. Orange color and yellow color visualize the taxi cabs together with train vehicles.

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Country Analysis

Johannesburg, Southern Region of Africa




Southern regions of Africa are really an ideal holiday spot and also its all-natural panoramas, top quality way of life and tall buildings, attract one and all of the people.

Johannesburg is a progeny from the Gold Rush. Really don’t experience discouraged through this talking city which even now sparkles with all the high shine of all those heady moments. Johannesburg has frequently acquired step motherly treatment method from vacationers who apply it as being the nation’s travel living room prior to switching to anywhere else like enjoyable Kruger National Recreation area.

Get within the skin of the Southern region of Africa’s most significant city together with you are going to find out a city having a heart as well as an entertaining and adoring disposition. In the city of Sandton, there is a place Mandela Square which is an occurring location taken over by resorts, places to eat and trendy outlets and stores. At its center appears the six meter taller bronze sculptures of the founder of the country, his name is Nelson Mandela. Invest in some time at Gold Reef City the place where you can experience again the incurred days of the Gold Rush as well as look through in the Tuscan type Monte casino, a purchasing together with amusement complex with resorts, dining places, a gambling house and a tiny bird haven. Or unwind one evening hours at Moyo, an exclusive South African product that definitely like Afro attraction with regard to spotlighting African lifestyle and dishes in their eating places. A trip to this particular store in Melrose Arch is a special enjoyment encounter featuring its music and singing women who thoroughly clean your hands and fingers, drumming servers, henna performers, and face artists along with refreshing natural herb stuffed dishes.

You will discover many other encounters that information books really do not speak about like connecting into jazz music / Kwaito tunes in Striped bass collection in the New Town. This is exactly where performers circle, engage in and play in the excitement of jazz music and Afro songs lovers; the night clubs in Sandton just like Taboo possesses an energetic beat although FTV Restaurant inside the Michelangelo Towers is definitely the area to be noticed. The eighty-eight Lounge is an elegant and popular music, dance and also tropical drink location. The songs are incredibly hot, for the music is unique because of the finest Disc-jockey and the celebration carries on into the late hours. To get a peaceful evening hours, drink a strawberry daiquiri inside the Polo Lounge.

The other location one must check out is the fairly Port Elizabeth, at the far eastern end of the popular Garden Path, it is a South African symbol, recognized due to its trendy, stylish, loosened limbed way of life. This shoreline stretch out is the nation’s precious play area, devoted towards the desire of happiness. You are able to remain in any variety of attractive towns such as Knysna, George, Plettenberg Bay or Mossel Bay. Simply Zen out, have fun with golf or just bend over your muscle mass. Bungy bounce, mountainous drop, zips range, parasail, paraglide, go abseiling or kloofing. Inflict insane thing that residents formulate to frighten sporty visitors away from their senses.

We’ve got crossed it’s known and also little identified tracks and similar to a journey over a magic carpet, a range of scenery and goes through unrolled ahead on our visions. It is really surroundings that never ever end.

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Sri Lanka among top 5 emerging destinations




In a recent report by World Travel Market Industry, Sri Lank is becoming tourists paradise as its been listed surrounded by five new coming up travel terminus, the report pointed Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia and Argentina respectively, welcome Signs for Sri Lankans and the country’s revenue is surely going to get higher with every passing year because Sri Lanka is really a very beautiful country, as outlined here on Monday by Sri Lanka’s Tourism Development Authority three important aspects would beneficent for Sri Lank are : reappearance of the nation after the civil war, infrastructure investments and exquisite locations. This report, launched in London a week ago, emphasized travel vogue, and is cite to by many professionals in the marketplace to produce their strategical plans Sri Lankan’s tourism sector continues to be flourishing by the end of last thirty years war with the Tamil Tigers in 2009. The Sri Lankan government has aimed one million attainment for 2012 and government revenue of one billion U.S. dollars from foreign / tourism direct investment funds.
By 2016 they wish to ambit 2.5 million visits / arrivals contempt industry experts specialist intimation of heavy infrastructure improvement in order to meet this target.

Numerous fascinating sightseeing opportunities in Sri Lanka. Temples full of mystery, natural green teas farms, and the cheerful pleasant people, that is Sri Lanka. Do not be surprised if your folks who initially take a look at we will see dumbfounded and amazed relentless. A glimpse, Sri Lanka is similar to an item of nirvana which fell into the Indian Ocean. Like the majority of nations within Asian countries, the actual organic condition associated with Sri Lanka seemed so mysterious, gorgeous and sacred.
Main points of interest in Sri Lanka – Beach, heritage, natural and wildlife

Marco Polo wrote in 12th Century that Sri Lanka stands out as the finest island in the whole universe.
For hundreds of years it had become a great tourism destination especially for tourist of Europe

Sri Lankan people are usually recognized for their great hospitality. The majority of visitors appreciate the smile of the people in accordance with airport exit surveys

The World Travel Market (WTM) is a British event focused at the international travel industry. Thousands of Travel / Tour industry experts, government officials and international media focal persons, come together on ExCeL London every year in November to attend WTM.

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Waterside Vacations at Ireland




Ireland is well-known for its waterways which are among the best in the world that great peace of the waterside is much like finding an as yet not known world for an extremely relaxing break, wind leisurely along Ireland’s waterways and soak in the magnificent Lakelands, have a water vacation in Ireland. The unforeseen angles and uncommon perspectives bring precious moments of freshness and improved perspectives. Leave the vehicle at and drive a cruiser through the great liquid labyrinth of connected lakes and waterways and one long continual stream of these moments will unfold before you. Sunrise, sunset, mists and frost meet up with the waterways in spectacular compositions – be inspired to see them You may need to determine upon your budget also, the duration for your vacations. The leisure factors may be boating / sailing, cruising, fishing, wind-surfing etc. If you are experiencing adventuresome, you might go for kayaking, sailing, canoeing, windsurfing, wakeboarding or scuba diving.


Make sure about your reservations concerns and attain the licenses needed before your arrival. You may have licenses brought to your vacation spot or you can acquire these from traveler stores. After you arrive here, you need to take instructions for the planned activities. Alike controlling your cruiser, scuba diving, windsurfing etc. For your safety it’s good to have these trainings precociously because you couldn’t ignore the risk involved in waterside activities. See the safety guidelines / principles and remember them. Always check the current weather conditions and retain in touch with the concerned people. Browse the social applications and cultural programs on your way. Keep in touch with localities it truly assists in spicing up the vacation.
Discover the towns and cities and historic sites along your path. Enjoy Irish hospitality, food and music at the neighborhood cafes. Check if there are going to be any cultural programs, festivals and regattas along your way.

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Cuba, on the streets of Havana



At a time when Cuba saw a turning point, we went for a walk in this city that seems, at first, frozen in time. Moving away from its beautiful old town, this first impression vanishes: glowing Havana life, but also steeped in contradictions, is revealed.

Far from the postcard over great walks in the streets of Havana …

Comeback in Havana


Just in 2016, Havana hosted three events that its people have perceived the changes ahead of omen. In March, the Rolling Stones gave there a concert in front of 500 000 people . In May, the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld was organizing a Chanel show . A few days earlier, it was the American actor Vin Diesel who turned scenes for the eighth episode of the saga Fast & Furious .

With the gradual lifting of the embargo established by the US, these names were added to the long list of personalities who loved Havana: Johnny Weissmuller, Buster Keaton, Ava Gardner, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire … And of course the writer Ernest Hemingway.

Havana remains a poor town , where thousands of families live in a precarious situation, but the Cuban capital is far from won by tropical stupor. A handful of days off the tourist circuits show avibrant downtown , where the system D carbide at full speed.

Of course, you have to lose in its old town , registered since 1982 as World Heritage by Unesco . But also sink into the central areas and the Vedado , stroll along the Malecón . Enjoy the welcome shade of a palm tree.

You can walk in Havana taxi coconut , this open vehicle to the wind, ovoid and yellow, provided that we extend the currency. Or indulge his fantasy of old convertible car (Buick, Chevrolet, Pontiac … there is ample choice) and it strutting sunglasses. Although, to discover Havana, the best accessory is still walking shoe.

Old Havana, an architectural kaleidoscope


The most amazing buildings are in Habana Vieja , the old city. Often decrepit, with their colors faded by heat and precipitation, buildings with baroque and neoclassical styles meet. Arcades, balconies, courtyards form an architectural kaleidoscope generous to the eye. Caution still the rockfall .

Old Havana, which extends around the original Plaza de Armas , however, is not an open-air museum. The streets are full of activity and good porous border between habitats and the outside.Soldiers discuss them, children play hide and seek, for teens football …

The Calle Obispo is a great landmark, it crosses the district and bordering areas of interest. But it is better to deviate from this street mostly frequented by tourists, which gives on El Floridita , a historic property once frequented by Hemingway. The American writer is a sure bet to attract overseas. It is sometimes believe he scoured all the bars in Cuba to taste all the mojitos.

But in the old Havana , less chic bars are also worth to linger. Less chic bar, what is it? Two or three tables in a room with minimalist décor, an old wooden bar to which are like magnets tired stools, a cash drawer couple and fan her diamond wedding party, a sexagenarian tank top that controls a rum, swallow a trait the whole glass and leaves.

After traveling through the streets, you can head north, towards the castle of San Salvador de la Punta , Spanish fortress of the 16 th  century, now lying peacefully facing the Havana Bay.

 On the way, we will be past the Museum of the Revolution . This magnificent neoclassical building built in 1920 was the presidential palace until 1959. On one hand, it houses the yacht Granma , the other a Soviet tank SU-100. Both have in common that hosting … Fidel Castro.

The Malecon, facing the open sea


In 2016, singer Jacob Forever dedicated her song Hasta que el Malecon is seque, a tube that is hard to escape. A visit to Havana necessarily leads to the Malecon , the seafront which stretches over 8 km long. The dam was built from 1902 by the Americans to protect the city from the Atlantic Ocean assaults.

No beach in Havana, the Malecón is becoming the place to hang out, but not only. Appointment gives it to, there fishing, sleeping, partying, loves, this is a place of intense life.

Attention to be careful when crossing the road because the drivers tumble at full speed. Moreover, the dam, which lovingly belt neighborhoods of Vedado, the center and the old Havana, is not necessarily the most peaceful place in the capital.

Because of the heavy traffic, the discussions are often interrupted by the horns. But this walk you will take the air, watching the wide and sunsets, between groups of fishermen and lovers for a night or a lifetime.

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A Journey to England



Lawns and net sidewalks, houses and pampered gardens in England there are only the sky as the British forgot to repaint. Be charmed by a different lifestyle and by the famous British phlegm, which is not usurped legend!
The British youth has cracked – here over fifty years – Victorian austerity and respectability hemmed in for more than a century. By coexist the most extravagant looks and bowler hat, Great Britain and England have evolved. Many things have changed and, at the same time, nothing has completely disappeared. Britain already considers the Beatles, as the Indian Empire, belong to the past. But at Eton College, children still go to school in white tie.

Sports and recreation England

The English like to think they invented all sports, which is – admittedly -. Almost true (with the notable exception of polo, developed in the mountains of Pakistan)
There, in however, many sports that the British were never able to export, such as the cheese rolling for example, which is practiced on the hill of Cooper’s Hill since the sixteenth century. There are many others of the same barrel, and we will not talk of throwing tree trunks as it is a Scottish game …

Other national sport: the paris on everything and anything. The bookmakers – a private institution in Britain – took paris sex and surname of the royal baby, the country hosting the next Olympics or just on time the next day.


If the former colonies of the Empire there are put and are serious opponents, this sport to imperceptible subtleties and complex rules, often remains obscure to outsiders.


Largely inspired by the tennis court, the patent lawn tennis, as it was called at first, was deposed in 1874 by Major Wingfried. In 1875, it was in a large meadow in the outskirts of London, at Wimbledon, which installs the first club and its grounds. The first tournament will play it in July 1877.

Darts ( darts )

At the pub, we always play darts. Their origin dates back to the Hundred Years War. Legend has it that one day when he was a dog of time, the English archers, sheltered under a barn, amused themselves by shooting arrows on the edge of a block of wood; they came to shorten their projectiles to get darts (the word is French), close to current darts. The divisions in the modern target areas would be inspired by the wood grain. Thus was born the famous game rules to more complicated than it seems.


Women are crazy bingo, especially old ladies. This game resembling bingo is typical of England. Each city has its own, in the city center. It is essential to make a turn (in the afternoon) to meet the profound Britain. You have to see the host state the numbers drawn.


One of the English national sports, where, in any case, the people and the enthusiasm of the British people find themselves. The games are linked.
England, Scotland and Wales as part of the Six Nations Championship with France, Ireland and Italy.
Attending a match at Twickenham, the English rugby temple , southwest of London, is a unique experience.


The Premier League (the top 20 clubs) draws the crowds. We meet the matches with fervor (a little too much sometimes!), Or in pubs to share the exploits of the players from Liverpool, Manchester, Chelsea or others.


The main spots are located in the southwest of the country, particularly in Cornwall (Porthleven). Other in Dorset, Bournemouth, and Devon. But the must rest Newquay, where several international competitions each year are held.

Walking and hiking

Walking fans will love the English are professionals in the field. Devon, Cornwall, the North between Sheffield and Manchester, Yorkshire, Wales or the Lake District are all places of cool rides. We particularly appreciate the heath of the New Forest in the south of the country, where we walk among the animals in the wild.
Attention is better to bring your maps (maps Ordnance Survey ) and a compass: the paths are not always easily found and markup can be random and difficult to follow. Markup is yellow or blue, sometimes through fields, farms. When it is forbidden, the markup is red.

Must England

This section complements the Hot Heart of England Backpacker guide, Wales.

Push the door of a tearoom and enjoy a cream tea. Observe dolphins in Cornwall. Stroll through the pretty medieval streets of Rye. Alternate pubs and shopping in the bustling North Laine in Brighton. Find the world of Alice in Wonderland in Oxford or in the New Forest. To stop in prehistoric Stonehenge. Hiking on the mysterious paths of the natural park of Dartmoor. Attending a football match in Liverpool, Newcastle or Manchester. Remain silent before the windows of the cathedral of York.



Spa Palladian classified Unesco, famous for its Roman Baths , Roman Baths neoclassical



medieval town of Kent, built around an impressive cathedral, one of the oldest Christian churches in England, the seat of the Anglican Church

Windsor Castle 


One of the largest fortresses in the world still inhabited, built by William the Conqueror, now one of the Queen’s residences



Land of legends, between Britain and Ireland: wild landscapes, alternating coast beaches, cliffs and tiny fishing ports

Dartmoor National Park


Mysterious landscapes of rolling moorland, rocky reliefs and villages preserved in their juice, haunted by local legends



Episcopal and university town perched on a rocky cliff, harboring a Romanesque cathedral, one of the UK architectural gems

Fountains Abbey 


Registered at Unesco, the impressive remains of an abbey of the twelfth century of fabulous wealth, attached to Studley Royal, a beautiful park

Lake District 


Beautiful landscapes of forests and sheep, mountain ranges ideal for hiking, inspiration for poets and writers

Hadrian’s Wall 


Wall of 70 miles on the border of England and Scotland, built by the Emperor Hadrian to protect the Empire from barbarian incursions



City pleasant, young and cosmopolitan, home to the third oldest university in the world in a unique setting



Perched on a hill, one of the prettiest towns of the Kingdom, its charming medieval alleys and stalls of bric

Saint Ives 


family seaside resort; its maze of alleys, wonderful beaches ideal for surfing, shopping and art galleries, the Tate Gallery



Medieval peaceful along the Avon, dominated by a majestic cathedral, its gabled houses and half-timbered



Magnificent prehistoric site listed by UNESCO, mysterious circle of giant blue stones, sarsens an archaeological enigma



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Andorra – Activities, Sports and Leisure




Andorra, a small country in the Pyrenees, on the French-Spanish border, has long been an exception. Despite its Romanesque remains, Andorra, haven of liberalism derives its wealth from trade.
Crystallization many desire this wealth stirs many jealousies. But Andorra is also the exhilaration of heights. A change of scenery that deserves that one spends a few days before or after a stay in Catalonia.
In Andorra, everything begins with nature that every winter, patiently removing his stack of “white gold”. How not to be seized by the virgin expanse windswept?
Then the “green gold” comes to the rescue. As the snow melts, the small streams music engages and announces the time of the first flowers piercing the froth of altitude plains. For the mountains rend the clouds, a crowd of marchers arrived on the hiking trails still sore from the long winter.
Exceptional figure, even for his identity. Facing the proud Catalonia, backed by the generous Ariege and eye inseparable from Toulouse, Andorra is marked with a little inferiority complex. Both hinge, latch and buffer, it suffers from its Lilliputian size. Taxed archaic for its ancient institutions and questioned for its tax system, it occupies a special place within Europe: surely the first European continent State, by its binational co-chair.


A good hiker is someone careful. Here are some essential tips.
The weather changes quickly in the mountains; so take what react according to the weather . If you are hiking for a day, no need to go with an Irish wool sweater in the middle of August. However, a waterproof jacket or rain gear is essential.
Similarly, a small first aid kit and of very good shoes (which hold the ankles) are required.
Do not rely on groundhogs to pass you their cereal bars, so bring along something to snack, energy bars, chocolate, dried fruit. It is allowed to carry a knife.
A tip: a cord of 2 m is ideal for repairing backpack straps.
The sun often tape without being noticed, so plan ahead to avoid sunburn .

Before departing, tell someone where you are going ( routes, stops …).
The stream water is drinkable in theory, but no authority to recommend you drink to not get wet … Rest we drank, and after we walked on. Choose the outgoing preference of a mountain and not being stagnant or downstream of an altitude plains.
Sometimes there herds grazing in the pastures. Even if you stay in the roads, it is not excluded that you cross some vipers.

In the shelters , be nice. Store your belongings and take your waste. Use barbecues at your disposal and let them as clean as possible.

For mountain bikers , in most stations, maps are available. Otherwise, many of the rental companies can show you interesting routes. We do not want to lose you!


There are three Andorra GR: GR 11, GR 7 and GR Andorra does all around the country.
Andorra property include hiking enthusiasts almost thirty shelters . Perched in the mountains, at elevations ranging from 1800 to 2480 m, they allow hikers to consider long walks and pauses.
Access to shelter is free (except Juclar, Coma Pedrosa and-Cortals Encamp approximately 7.50 € per night, half board € 20-32). Often included is a kitchenette with a supply of wood (unless earlier burned everything without worrying about those coming after them), one or more bedrooms with bunk beds.
On the other hand, you need to bring mattresses and sleeping bag . We can basically pitch a tent if the shelter is full. And you will find bags for waste near shelters.


When going skiing in Andorra?

As there is always snow, it only remains to ask her vacation. But not anytime!

The seasons are broken down roughly as follows:
From the first snow in December 6-8, stations are crowded. Many Spaniards and Catalans enjoying the first weekend in December, which is a holiday, to go skiing in the . Andorran resorts
from 10 to 20 December, there is rarely the world: this is the perfect time .
from December 20 to January 3, period red or black … of the world. We expect a leaden foot of lifts, to avoid so.
Every January, the feast ended, the tracks are left to real skiers. Other preferred period;
February: school holidays in France … and in England. many darlings of perfidious Albion choose indeed Andowa . Result, some stations, it is sometimes almost impassable.
March and first half of April: suitable period. Seasonal beginning to see the end of the tunnel and the sunny days approaching, everyone is smiling, of so that there is less crowded.
S econde half of April: rebelote. again, holiday camps. That said, it plays music …
– For snow enthusiasts who would like to eat the way, the last stations usually close after May 1st.


The different stations of the principality joined forces to improve their offers and services. Thus was born in 2003 Grandvalira , meeting stations of Soldeu-El Tarter and Pas de la Casa-Grau Roig, and since autumn 2004, Vallnord includes Pal-Arinsal and Ordino-Arcalis.
Each of these major ski areas offers its course own package, valid on all field stations.
Before you throw your heart on a particular location, be aware that these packages allow their holders to operate in any of the stations in the area, while the number of days purchased (a station can be tested daily, for example).
for 5 consecutive days, starting 200 € for an adult on the field Grandvalira (135 € for 6-11 years and 180 € for 12-17 years) or € 152.50 to 170 over that of Vallnord (107 to 122.50 € for 6-11 and 130-146 € for 12-17 years).
The package is free for children under 6 years for people over 70 years.


In addition to the package, insurance covers many details that enquiquinent life on the slopes. For 3-4 € per person per day, number of expenses are covered. For example, hospital, transportation, civil liability, thus collision. For that price, do not hesitate. However, if you set your package with a payment card Gold or First , these assurances are included in your coverage.


Basically , here the rates charged in most rental shops. Some have the advantage of having branches in the same stations, allowing to make its hardware wherever you want.
All accomodations apply the AFNOR standard for adjustment of ski bindings.
One must usually pay the minimum € 8 per day for a complete equipment (skis, boots and poles) or 80 € from one week. Prices are a bit higher for snowboards. It is not uncommon for some stores ask a security deposit at least € 65 per skier.

Other sports

VTT: many routes and one of the best bike parks in Europe in the area of Vallnord. Specialized books in bookstores. Fifteen itineraries are detailed in the free brochure Mountain , distributed in tourist offices. There are tours of different difficulty levels, from 2 to 40 km, and the list of places to rent mountain bikes.
Horse : Ordino, La Massana, Canillo, Engolasters, El Tarter Fontaneda and La Comella, you will find equestrian clubs. For info, contact the Federació andorrana of hípica .
Ecalade: nearly 200 locations where rock climbing and 3 training walls. Info on federatio andorrana of muntanyisme .
Fishing: fishing season in rivers from mid-April to early September, and in ponds and lakes late June to early September. Many fishing license outlets (there are also the day).
– Not to mention the many sports facilities (the famous esportiu centers ), especially advanced, all over the country, and have impressed us.


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