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The rules for Tibet travel

The rules for Tibet travel are established by the Chinese government. Travel to Tibet is restricted and travelers must obtain special permission from the government. Here’s how to clear the way for a trip.

Follow these rules :

1 – Apply to the Chinese government for permission to travel to Tibet. All foreign visitors to Tibet need at least one permit or more, depending upon the area of Tibet. Tibet Tourism Bureau permits are purchased as part of tour packages through Chinese tourism agencies.

2 – Request a Tibet travel permit through the Chinese embassy in Katmandu if arriving in Tibet from Nepal. This method is a way for overseas foreigners to get permission before flying to Tibet.

3 – Book a tour through any one of several Chinese tourism agencies that specialize in Tibet travel. It is possible to take a 4-day train trip directly from Beijing to Lhasa. Train routes are also established from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu and Chongqing.

4 – Travel by land into Tibet is supposed to be by regulated bus routes. There are several more adventurous ways to travel by road into Tibet, but the police can detain any travelers who violate the rules. An officially sanctioned tour is more expensive than trying to backpack or hitchhike, but rural China along the Tibetan border is a dangerous place for an inexperienced traveler to navigate.

5 – Journey to Tibet as part of a small tour or independently. A lone traveler with permission to visit Tibet should know the local customs, especially the often changing regulations regarding which areas of Tibet require an additional permit. An advanced fluency in Mandarin Chinese can guard against misunderstandings.

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