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Top 5 most beautiful natural sites that your teens will visit in America


Summer is fast approaching and you still do not know what destination to choose for your teen’s colony? This dream of wide open spaces, scenery, grandeur? Why not explore the magnificent American landscape? Here’s a top 5 most beautiful natural sights in America with summer camps for teens Telligo!

The Niagara falls


Located in the State of New York on the border between Canada and the United States, Niagara Falls offer a majestic sight. Á board a ferry, your child will sail to the foot of this gigantic waterfall that pours each second huge amounts of water. A natural wonder to visit at least once in his life and he will have the opportunity to experience the stay Niagara & the Cities !

Viñales Valley


In the heart of the Cuban pampas, is the green Viñales Valley. This greenery surrounded by mogotes (rounded limestone hills) is a landscape of lush vegetation extraordinary. When hiking, your child will discover its tobacco plantations, sugar cane or corn and plunge in the heart of the Cuban culture.

The Bahamas


Paradise on earth, the Bahamas archipelago consists of several small islands fringed sandy beaches with crystal clear waters are a delight for divers as marine life is rich and diverse. These magical islands offer a panorama of breathtaking landscapes!

The Grand Canyon


Lovers of the great outdoors, he dreams of starting a road trip to discover the incredible vistas of the Grand Canyon, stay American Old West is done for him! The many views of this natural park in Arizona offer an amazing show on geological crevices that the Colorado River has carved there for millions of years.

The Everglades


Adventurer in search of thrills, your teen will leave airboat to explore the Everglades. This network of mystical swamps with dense tropical vegetation and unique wildlife is actually the largest reserve of wilderness in the United States! Your teen will discover on stays in Florida that we offer!

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