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Top 5 Remarkable Destinations in China

Top 5 Remarkable Destinations in China

For your next vacation, you want to visit China? We invite you to discover unusual places 5 that are in the Middle Kingdom. To know the different facets of a changing country, do not hesitate to make a trip to China .

Red Beach Liaoning


Liaoning Red Beach attracts millions of visitors to its unique side. Indeed, this place is located in Panjin of extreme beauty. This is the Sueda, poor seagrass, which when it loses its green color in autumn is clothed in red. The best time to discover this magical place is from September to October. Remember that Liaoning is also home to many species of birds and 400 species of wild animals.

Qinghai Lake in Qinghai


Qinghai Lake is the largest lake in China. Completely covered with ice in winter, it is 3,260 meters above sea level. This lake is very salty. The water salinity is 6% against an average of 3.5% for seawater. This beautiful destination has 5 small islands. The Bird Island is a place of life for thousands of birds.

The Fujian Tulou


The Fujian Tulou were listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. The term “Tulou” is circular Hakka houses in terracotta. Tulou are in several villages as Gaobei, Chuxi or Nanxi. Some are still well maintained and open to the public.

Zhangye Danxia Gansu


Located in Gansu Province, the colorful rock formations are the result of the color layer of sediment deposit for over 20 million years. Many photographers come to admire this sublime landscape. Zhangye, also known as a stop on the Silk Road, attracts many tourists with its giant Buddha temple.

The Watermelon Museum in Beijing


The museum watermelon opened in Beijing in 2002. This unusual place tells the whole story of this fruit. Many varieties of watermelons are presented. Visitors can also discover statues, or wax models.

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