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World’s Coolest Futuristic Buildings


As this is the modern era of space technology and rocket shaped buildings all around where even the civilian space travel is nearly a reality, so let us see that how the current architects look at the future of the buildings of the world. Nowadays, most of the buildings are being designed very differently; mostly abstract structures are given more preference. These structures are actually designed by getting inspiration from nature and other cultural symbols which represents something. Special techniques are being used to give these futuristic structures more credibility and attraction as well.

These cool futuristic buildings of the world are not only arresting the peoples’ glance but also are quite useful for certain kind of phenomenon such as to charge the electric cars and to get water from clouds by making high roof top forests such as in Dubai at Burj Khalifa. The most important part of making such buildings is to give them a unique structure and a delightful effect as well so that the building balances the whole equation.

Keeping in view the New Mexico’s Spaceport America which is going to be the take off point for the Virgin Galactic’s civilian space odysseys, it is believed that it would take much more importance in the coming years. One other example is of Zaha Hadid’s Galaxy Soho Building, which consists of the white domed structures connected with the help of the sky bridges. That amazing look gives Beijing more freshness. There are many other projects which will be completed in a year or so such as Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island Cultural District. These kind of buildings have already started to create buzz in the cities and generates the hype of these amazingly engineered structures.

Architects who have the goal to serve the present inhabitants and the unknown future with their worthwhile structures of the buildings is said to be the best goal by Martha Thorne, executive director of Pritzker Prize. Such cool and artistic buildings ensure us that our future would be cooler than today and there will be many more jet packs and high-fi engineered buildings.

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Paul Morris

Paul Morris is an entrepreneur, consultant and author. He is an advisor at Xpert Automation, a tech-based business incubator focused on scalable startups, and founder of ContentFy.


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